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Endorsement for BJ Maxson for Sheriff

I have been with the Grand Forks County Sheriff's Office for 39 years. I have worked my way up the ranks to my present position as Sheriff, which I have held for the past eight years.

My concern with retiring is having someone take over that has the same passion that I do; a person that really cares about making sure Grand Forks County is a safe place to live.

That person is BJ Maxson.

BJ Maxson was with Security Forces USAF from 1983-1992, and then stayed with the Grand forks County Sheriff's Office as a Sheriff Reserve Deputy. He started full time with the GFSO in 1994 and from that point has accomplished the following:

FBI National Academy Graduate, 2011

2016 GFSO Deputy of the Year

Bomb Squad Technician/Crisis Negotiator

Emergency Vehicle Operation Course Instructor

Oversees GFSO involvement in regional special teams, including Bomb Squad, SWAT Team, Water Rescue, Crisis Negotiations, USA and K-9 Units

Member of the ND Sheriff/Deputy Association, ND Police Officers Association, Fraternal Order of Police, American Legion Post #6, Life Member of VFW Post 1874

Responsible for scheduling all GFSO deputies

GFSO liaison for Grand Sky security

Courthouse Security Committee

Sexual Assault Response Team

Oversees Field Training Officer Program

Helps develop and implement GFSO annual budget

Successfully reduced the GFSO overtime budget

Performs duties of Sheriff in his absence

Given national award by International Association of Chiefs of Police for the UAS Team 2016

Project Lifesaver 2017

Successfully lobbied NDDOT for installation of stop sign at a business that leads to busy highway in Larimore 2017

Past President of GF Lions Club

As you can see, BJ Maxson has worked very hard to get the experience and education that it takes to be a great sheriff.

BJ Maxson has been my right hand, helping make sure Grand Forks County is the best place to live and keep all of our kids safe.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.