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Vote Larry Richards for Grand Forks Municipal Judge

We support Larry Richards for Municipal Judge for many reasons.

Our family first knew Larry and Mandi on a professional level. Dr Mandi Johnson was our family physician and my colleague, and Larry has proven to be a trusted advisor as our attorney. In crafting our wills and reviewing contracts, Larry provided us with sound and compassionate legal advice as he has done for so many in Grand Forks throughout his nearly 20 years as an attorney. However, through these interactions, our families also became close personal friends. We consider Larry and Mandi to be dear friends and our families spend time together camping, participating in childrens events, and family meals together. We know that Larry cares deeply for his community and would serve well as Municipal Judge. We know him to be thoughtful, reasonable, caring and fair in his weighing of arguments.

We strongly encourage you to vote for Larry Richards for Grand Forks Municipal Judge on June 12.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.