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For Safe Schools, Homes and Streets, Elect Tim Lamb for State's Attorney

I would appreciate your vote for States Attorney on Tuesday. I believe I am the best qualified candidate for many reasons.

First, I am a life-long resident of Grand Forks, and I feel the pulse of the community. When crime is up, when homes and churches are burglarized, when reports show a 50% increase in crime in our community, I understand the impact on our lives.

Indeed, I understand todays challenge to focus on school safety.

Second, my life experiences will be highly beneficial in administrating the States Attorneys office. I have been in private practice for eight years and have had over a hundred cases before North Dakota courts.

I am a 21-year Army veteran, and have served overseas. I was a GF School Board member for 16 years. Ive been married for over 40 years, and have two grown sons. I have served the community in many constructive ways over the years.

Third, I will bring an outside perspective to the States Attorneys office that will establish reasonable and attainable goals to reduce the crime rate in Grand Forks County.

I will be a spokesperson for law enforcement. I plan to work with law enforcement, the correctional facility administration and the judiciary to implement programs to reduce the jail population and recidivism.

Finally, I will be committed to serve and protect the citizens of Grand Forks County.

For these reasons, I am asking for your vote. Elect Tim Lamb for States Attorney. Your vote counts. Thank you for your time and attention.

Paid for by Tim Lamb for States Attorney.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.