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Nancy Yon endorsement for Grand Forks County States Attorney

I am endorsing Nancy Yon for States Attorneys as her history and experience are exactly what the office needs to get the job done right.

I was an officer with the Grand Forks police department for nearly a decade, and I observed Nancys hard work and dedication to our county on many occasions. I worked Internet Crimes Against Children cases and Nancys prosecution of criminal and civil child abuse and neglect cases was above and beyond!

Nancys 19 years of experience prosecuting all criminal and civil cases, and her desire to ensure the safety of children and the community as a whole is why she should be States Attorney.

Not only is Nancy a talented prosecutor, she is also a wife, a mother to three great boys, and has a heart of gold! She is a positive person, wonderful to work with, has an incredible work ethic, and is committed to the community.

These are just a few reasons why Nancy Yon should be elected as the next Grand Forks County States Attorney. Please cast your vote for her on June 12th.

Katie Anderson

Retired Sergeant with the Grand Forks Police Department

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.