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Doug Carpenter

June 6, 2018

Four years ago I submitted a letter to the Grand Forks Herald in support of Doug Carpenter for School Board. In that letter I talked about knowing Doug for the last 25 years, our sons earning their Eagle Scout together, softball team mates and all the qualities that make Doug Carpenter a respected leader in this community. None of this has changed.

Doug has not only been a leader and a great fiduciary of the tax payers money and most importantly seeing that our children receive a quality education. When the school board needed a leader Doug stepped forward and became the President of the School Board.

Doug Carpenters integrity and moral values are true and something every person should strive to be. I know of few people with his ethics and conviction to lead and help make our school system a better place for our children.

As my grandchildren enter in to the Grand Forks school system I know with Doug Carpenter at the head of the table, we all will be better served.

Robert Dusso

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.