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Hoffarth--Best Qualified!

Grand Forks has a reputation across the state for collaborative government with our legislative delegation, the city, county, and park and school districts all working together to assure state and federal funding. So, like everyone reading this letter, I have been interested in the various candidates running for local office.

Jackie Hoffarth is running for a seat on the School Board and she is simply one of the best qualified candidates that I have seen run for any office in Grand Forks. She has a degree in elementary education, children attending school in the district, is an educator, and has been actively attending meetings and participating in district policy making for some time now. And, she is by her nature, a very collaborative person looking for practical solutions. In contrast, it is surprising to see candidates with no training in education, no teaching experience, and no previous involvement in local government or history of community collaboration.

Our children are our future, and Jackie is precisely the kind of leader we need on the Grand Forks School Board and serving our collaborative community. I hope you will vote for her!

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.