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Eatbeat: Dining Services offers variety to UND's hungry

They are off and running on spring break at UND this week. Before they left, students took part in what was called chopped competition.

... And the winners were three graduate students using traditional Indian flavors from their homes in Bangladesh and Pakistan. They are Manna Khan, Sabah Javald and Fazilatun N. Mahmood.

The Chop contest was held in the Wilkerson dining center to showcase its wide array of foods.

As one of the judges, I arrived early to savor the scenes in the massive Wilkerson dining area. I watched the evening eating routine with students selecting their favorite foods and finding their usual seating areas. The vast cafeteria is surrounded with windows.

Some students talk. Some watch videos all around. The scene is amazingly serene. They were eating noodles at one table. They drank one, sometimes two, glasses of milk. They chose from several different versions of pizza. They ate macaroni and cheese, greens, chicken strips and tacos. Some students find foods that work with specialized diets. Fifty percent make a stop at the salad bar.

With more than 150 students on staff in the evenings, the cafeteria is open until 11 p.m. Greg Gefroh, executive chef, is proud of the foods at all UND Dining Services.

Along with Wilkerson and Squires, there are others within UND Dining services. Orlynn Rosaasen is UND food director. Jason Gallagher is assistant residential director. The dining operations include the Old Main Food Court with Marco's Pizza, A&W, Dakota Deli and tossed fresh salads. Wings Café at the airport, like the others, is open to the public. Café 1905 is in the Medical School. And there are Stomping Grounds coffee shops at Wilkerson Commons and the Memorial Union.

The facilities are open to the general public as well as students. Dining center all you can eat prices including tax are $7.25 breakfast, $10.15 lunch and $13.35 dinner.

Though there are special rates, most students have anytime meal plans ranging from $2,400 down to $750 a semester.

Judging with me at the final Dare to Cook competition were Cassie Gerhardt, associate dean of students, and Kyle Marden of Sysco .

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