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East Grand Forks offers additional tax incentives for businesses

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EAST GRAND FORKS, Minn.  — East Grand Forks is giving businesses a little extra incentive to stay on the Minnesota side of the river.

On Tuesday night, June 5, East Grand Forks City Council looked into a proposal called the Border City Tax Credit.

If it's approved, the policy will give new and expanding businesses the choice for a property tax break or a sales tax break of up to five thousand dollars the first year.

They hope this will help the businesses get on their feet, and keep them in the city - instead of moving to the west side of the river where it is cheaper.

"We would like to make sure we are as competitive as we can be with North Dakota, so that the businesses that are here and want to stay here, will stay here,” said David Murphy, East Grand Forks City Administrator.

Businesses can re-apply for it every five years