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Marilyn Hagerty: Third-grader provides different view of the news

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Dear Emerson,

My own children grew up and moved away, so I am glad to have friends like you around Grand Forks. I got your letter the other day. It's good to know you are now in third grade at Discovery School. You say your teacher, Mrs. Thompson, is super nice. And you have five new kids in your class. Your new playground equipment sounds good. Yes, I should drop over and try it out!

Meanwhile, I hope you will keep writing. Tell me how you like your hot lunch at school? What do you like to eat? Also, what is it like to be a third grader? What is your favorite subject? What do you worry about? I have another friend named Pipi who is in kindergarten at Lewis and Clark. She can't write yet, but I like it when I hear from kids.

What I mean is the new technology is good, but we shouldn't forget old basics such as handwriting.


Do you know anything about those painted rocks scattered all around town? Some are nicely decorated. There is a collection of colored rocks over by a sidewalk on 15th Avenue South near Belmont Road. And it says "take one." I am trying to find out more about this rock decorating.


Have you heard about those people down in Florida and Texas? You know, there the hurricanes and rain have been hitting and forcing families out of their homes?

Well, I remember how the Red Cross and the Salvation Army helped all of us here in Grand Forks when we had the big flood. That was 20 years ago. Before your time.

Now I think giving to them is the best way to help the people down south. Imagine how you would feel, Emerson.

Say, did you ever get a dog? I know you wanted one.

Thank you for writing. I hope to hear from you again.

Your friend, Marilyn, dodging the wasps on Cottonwood Street.

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